Risky Transport!

ImageHello hello, 

OK, so overcoming challenges enriches our lives!  … Today offered a few transportation challenges!!  The commission is very exciting, sourcing the canvas was fine, …  getting it into the car was amusing for everyone else, driving through rush hour Southampton was cautious … now the fun will begin with a VERY LARGE paintbrush!!

Love SaraX

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3 Responses to Risky Transport!

  1. Jane Edwards says:

    Well done Sara for setting this up – very impressive website. Love the Maria nude and the new one looks interesting too! Love Jane

    • Hi Jane Lovely to hear from you, and thank you for your kind comments.. Early days on the website, so lots to do yet! Hope you are both happy and well. Tickets for Captain’s cocktail party (21st July) on sale behind the bar early next week. Let me know when you are coming up and I will meet you for a drink. Love SaraX

  2. Hi Sara,
    Well done ,you said you would make a web site , it all looks very professional I have had a little look but will browse in more depth. love juls

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