Paintings are in Local Gallery

HRomsey Rooftops £375i everyone     Hurray, I have just had 3 of my paintings accepted at “Rums Eg”, the great new gallery in Bell Street, Romsey.  Pop in to see artwork and sculptures, or for a coffee.  Do have a look at their website on

This abstract of Romsey Rooftops is one of the chosen paintings.  See you at the gallery…..  Love SaraX

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Autumn Trees

Sunlight through the Autumn Trees

Dear Friends

Thank you to Mary for taking some super photos in the autumn sunshine last Sunday, inspiring me to paint during this horrid weather.  This one’s a collage, so has loads of textue from the tissue paper underneath.  I used bits of cardboard and an old sponge to paint on top .. great fun and very messy!  Love Sara

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Exhibition Success

Dear Friends

What a super weekend with so much support from you all.  The charities had a boost with the card and calendar sales, and I managed to sell 13 originals and 31 prints. Whew!    Thank you Les Nicholson for taking this fab photo on Marie’s camera ….  Love Sara

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Looking Forward to my Exhibition

The Romsey Advertiser Girl

Hello hello Well, I’m nearly ready, with 50 paintings on the wall – just need a bit more polyfilla to hide all the nail holes and chunks of missing wall!  Hopefully, there will be a short article in The Romsey Advertiser tomorrow about my latest picture, made of of guess what??  Yes, bits of torn up Romsey Advertiser!  Here’s a sneak preview..

I hope to see you all at the exhibition on either Sat 20th or Sun 21st October.

Love SaraX

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Accidental Success

Girl in the shower

Hello Friends   This painting happened by accident.  I primed up an art board the night before, in prussian blue and alizaron crimson.  It dripped, but looked interesting, so I left it.  In the morning the shapes sort of resembled a girl washing her hair in the shower… and so she began….

I hope that you like her.

Love SaraX

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Working on Skies

Wind Increasing

Hello Hello friends

Well, after the last painting of poppies in a hot dry cornfield, and before that a calm bluebell wood scene, I am back to stormy skies and surging seas!   It should make a good pair for my other seascape, “Storm Brewing”

Here’s the latest painting, called “Wind Increasing”

Best wishes Sara

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Poppies Appearing!

Poppies in the Cornfild – Tuscany

Hello hello The sunny weather has helped the poppies!!

Here’s the latest effort, although I seem to chopped the bottom off the painting!  Next project will either be seascape or another nude…  Not decided yet!

Catch up soon .  Love SaraX

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Commission for Poppies

Hello hello Friends ..

Thank you for your positive comments about “TheBluebell Wood” .  They helped me gain another commission … for poppies and wildflowers on a hot late summer day in Tuscany ..   I have just started, so here is phase 1…  am just sorting out the buildings and the sky, so there are no poppies yet !!…  Will post stage 2 over the weekend (hopefully)!  Love SaraX

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Good Weather for Painting!

Hello again

Swirling rainstorms may be bad for gardeners and  BBQ enthusiasts, but is great for artists!  The blue black skies and purple grey clouds (bright pink on BBC Weather!) inspire unusual paintings …  See the latest!!!

Love SaraX

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Bluebell Wood near Mottisfont

Hi everyone

The rainy weather today felt like April showers; perfect inspiration for painting the cool, damp Bluebell Wood commission.

I’ve used the canvas which featured in my “Risky Transport” blog …. so it’s pretty big.  I do hope they like it!              Love Sara X

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