Risky Transport!

ImageHello hello, 

OK, so overcoming challenges enriches our lives!  … Today offered a few transportation challenges!!  The commission is very exciting, sourcing the canvas was fine, …  getting it into the car was amusing for everyone else, driving through rush hour Southampton was cautious … now the fun will begin with a VERY LARGE paintbrush!!

Love SaraX

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Work in Progress

Latest Nude Phase One

Well what a busy day.  Jill spent over 4 hours trying to teach me to edit my own website, so this is my first attempt at uploading a photo onto my Blog.  Forgive me if it all goes horribly wrong!!.  She is so efficient and I am soooo sloooow.   Thank you Jill. Will try another post tomorrow.

Love Sara

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Not Quite the First Post!

This is where I will post details of my work in progress and projects in the pipeline

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